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What Secure File Sync and Share Options Are There?


If there is one thing that consumers and small and large business users alike require, it’s cloud-based storage: sync and share. What choices do you have and which works for you?  In a world of choice, it’s difficult to cut through to understand precisely what you need.


Dropbox is by far the most popular sync and share platform available, with heavy use among consumers and small businesses.


  • Files are synchronised automatically the moment you upload a file; no need to manually synchronise
  • Offline working is top notch on Dropbox; files sync when you are back online


  • Dropbox has been hit with several notable hacks. If storing extremely sensitive data, there are safer options
  • No advanced searches mean lost productivity for businesses with a lot of files


One of the biggest names in storage for business: GoodSync is 2020s most chosen sync & share service of most reputable reviewers.


  • A flexible business option working in line with top commercial cloud providers like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Backblaze
  • Unlike most others, you set the folders you want to sync rather than having a dedicated folder


  • There is no free service and the plans are expensive, though users do get a 30-day free trial
  • It has great advanced features unavailable elsewhere, but inexperienced users may struggle to make the best use of them

Google Back Up and Sync

The biggest consumer name on the market should not be overlooked for business, especially with the great extra features suited to SMEs.


  • Connect everything to your Google Drive, ideal for consumer users and small businesses
  • Multiple cost plans to suit your budget and needs, with added bolt-on services


  • Lacks some of the more complex requirements like group sharing means larger enterprises should look elsewhere
  • Adding new accounts can be tricky and confusing as Google is bringing together many past disparate services


Microsoft’s store & sync solution comes as a stand-alone package or as a bundle with common MS services such as Office. Ideal for consumer and small businesses.


  • At 15GB to start, OneDrive is one of the most generous. At present, most other services begin at 5GB
  • It’s easy to link disparate services direct to OneDrive, not just Office (where there is autosave) but also save direct from social media


  • While perfect for individual users (consumers and freelancers), it lacks share and collaboration functions that larger enterprises need
  • It’s been reported that Microsoft regularly scan content for copyrighted and “not safe for work” content, sometimes deleting such content erroneously


This broad, customisable platform is perfect for business users, not so much for personal use.


  • Designed to work with seamless integration on MS Office
  • The perfect collaboration solution for small teams such as SMEs, developers, and others who need to work together


  • Some features are so difficult to comprehend that users might need specialist training – not ideal for SMEs
  • Inflexibility of service means many small businesses will pay for features they will never need


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