keep your computer cool

Keeping your hardware happy in the heat


With record-breaking temperatures seemingly being broken every week, it’s a great idea to keep your hardware in mind. We’ve got a few tips to follow to keep your hardware running and your mind off our impending doom at the hands of

  • Do keep your hardware out of direct sunlight. If you’re traveling with a laptop, tablet or smartphone (please tell me you’re not traveling with a PC…) ensure that it’s not left sitting in direct sunlight or left in a car, as I’m sure you’re aware of the temperatures they can reach. If you work in an office with a lot of windows, make sure you keep your PCs and laptops out of the direct sunlight. Most hardware has a failsafe that will switch itself off once it reaches its max temperature to ensure that it’s not damaged, but you really do not want to push your hardware to this limit.


  • Don’t hose your hardware down. If you’re PC/laptop/server overheats, you might be tempted to give it a hose down. We would not advise this as electricity and water have a long history of not getting along.
  • Do keep in mind air flow. Your hardware breathes just like us! It uses internal fans to keep a constant flow of air moving over its components to keep itself cool and exhaust hot air. If you don’t have proper air flow this can lead to overheating as the hot air has nowhere to go, slowing your hardware down, overheating your CPU and causing unexpected shutdowns.
  • Do make sure that laptops are shut down and not asleep when being transported in a bag, as whilst asleep your laptop will still be on and using energy, which produces heat. In an enclosed space, the heat can’t be expelled properly and you could end up with a nasty surprise of a figuratively melted laptop!
  • Don’t perch it on a ledge or windowsill to cool, it might fall and you’ll lose hours of work. Or it could hit someone…
  • “Dust. Anybody? No?” – Make sure your hardware isn’t covered or surrounded in dust! The less dust in the area around your hardware, the less dust will get into your PC.
  • Location, Location, Location. Upheave your business and life and go somewhere cooler, with less extreme heat from global warming.
  • If that’s not an option, make sure your hardware is in a good position for nice air flow and less dust. Don’t bundle your PCs next to each other, this will restrict any air flow. Don’t use your laptop on a blanket or bed, try to use a hard-flat surface, this will prevent overheating and dust build up. Granny trays are perfect for this.


  • If your hardware is being slow due to the heat, don’t do an ‘Office space’ and start beating it. It can be frustrating, but have some patience and give it some time, the heat makes us all a little slow.

In all seriousness following a few of these simple tips will help keep your hardware happy in the heat, you less frustrated with a slow machine and leave you with a machine that actually works.

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