Which smartphone should I choose for business use?

Being a business owner means you are continually receiving emails about anything and everything; queries from colleagues, queries from customers, problem solving emails, technical issues that need resolving ASAP are all prime examples of what you can expect coming through your smartphone.

Therefore, you need the best smartphone that works for you which means one of the newer ones on the market, as you can’t risk old software potentially affecting your business files. One of the main points you should be looking for when it comes to smartphone buying is the capacity of storage it can hold. You will no doubt have a lot of storage taken up on your phone due to the business, so making sure you own a smartphone that can hold all of that data with no problem will be highly beneficial to you.

When it comes to storage for the best and most reasonable price, Android is most likely your best bet. The latest Samsung phone is the Galaxy S9 which comes with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. The S9+ has 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. Another plus to the Samsung S9’s is they offer microSD support for up to 400GB in extra storage and this means there’s little chance you will be running out of space any time soon. Androids are also well known for their great screens and cameras. So, whilst you want to be smart choosing for your business, if the smartphone is also for personal reasons these are some more positives to purchasing.

Another option is the Huawei P20 which is their most recent upgrade. The battery life is the best around and according to Huawei and it can last for up to 396 hours on standby. If you are working long hours throughout the day whilst owning a business and keeping in contact with your employees and fellow colleagues, battery life for your smartphone is also a vital factor. Of course, charging is accessible in most places, but it’s always better to have that long lasting battery than missing out on any information due to a dead phone. The new Huawei also has 4GB of RAM and storage capacity of 128GB which is again, a great amount of storage to have. It’s also a reasonable price, going for £599.00.

However, Android doesn’t suit all consumers. iPhone is just as popular and the most recent updates being the iPhone 8/8 Plus and the iPhone X getting great reviews; it’s another option to have as a business owner. The iPhone X not only has a Super Retina HD Display but also wireless charging and a facial recognition feature, which supports face ID to unlock, authenticate and pay which seems highly secure. Security simply has to be another factor to consider when thinking about smartphones. The main problem with iPhone, is of course, due to its high popularity, is the price. The iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, starting at £999.00 for 64GB of storage, which wouldn’t be an ideal storage limit for business owners, whilst the 256GB model is currently £1,149.00.

With all smartphones, there are pros and cons to everything about them. If you do your research when considering a change, you should find one that suits you perfectly for both business and personal use. It also can depend on which software you use in the business, for instance if you use Apple in the office, you may sway towards the iPhone. It is all about personal preference, however the top tips for a business owner is to have a good amount of storage, high level of security and also understand how the smartphone functions. You need to be on top of your business at all times, so you need a smartphone that can support you in that.