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Does Your Business Need Email Continuity and Security?


It may be hard to believe that the first email was sent almost 50 years ago in 1971 by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson.  Decades have passed since and now email is now the primary form, and sometimes preferred method of communication for business.

Analysts estimate that around 281 billion emails were sent per day in 2018.

With this in mind, when your business’ email server goes down or suffers a security violation this can not only create a massive loss to employee productivity and cause downtime, but also risks losing contracts with your customers.

Email Continuity and Security Services are designed to ensure that your organisation can continue to be online and safe should the worst happen.


What is an Email Continuity and Security Service?

Email is not just the primary source of communication, it’s also an important storage space for customer and corporate information.

Email continuity: When an email server goes down, not only are employees unable to send or receive emails, they are also unable to view previously sent or received emails. Email continuity acts as a backup that takes the place of your mail server when it goes down, allowing you to continue working.

Email security: This is a series of measures used to secure email content. It’s a broad term that protects against many threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing to name a few.


The Benefits of Email Continuity and Security Service

There are many benefits to using an Email Continuity & Security Service. Here is a selection:

  • Continued email access is the most obvious and main benefit. With so many emails sent every day, it’s a vital business tool on which everybody relies. Without access to email, many tasks are not possible
  • This provides cost savings benefits. Employees will not waste time at their desks waiting for the email server to come back online. They will be able to continue to work throughout the outage
  • Once the secure email server comes back online, any emails received into the server or sent by employees in this time synchronise seamlessly, quickly, without compromising the information’s security
  • IT support personnel can dedicate their time to bringing the server back online. They won’t waste their time on answering a stream of phone calls about a problem they already know about and are busy trying to correct
  • The security aspect of the Continuity & Security service uses encryption, content filtering and blocking, and threat intelligence to protect your email server against most threats
  • No security system would be robust without training, encouraging employees to understand the risks of phishing, identifying threats, and not responding in a manner that would risk your data or server is extremely important

How important is it to your business to have minimal disruption to your email server and keep external threats to a minimum? Do you regularly experience a loss of email service? If so, perhaps a secure Email Continuity and Security Service could be what you need.

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