How Great IT Support works on Internet and Phone line installations

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Internet and Phone line installations

We are currently in the process of helping a client relocate offices.

We use a standard check list to guide this process. However, I am going to explain why it is so important to use engineers with wide-ranging knowledge.

The key point here is dealing with third party vendors; in this case the new landlords, BT and the cabling companies.

We focus on being prepared.  To do this we visit the site prior to the client taking the lease to assess:

  • the Power and Data connections available
  • the ability to expand the infrastructure
  • ascertain the access to the office


  • The reason we look at the Power and Data connections available is to help the client understand that these need to work with the proposed office layout or planned additions need to take place. In regard to Data, we view the entry points for the Main BT/broadband points as it is important to get these as close to the router/modems as possible to maximise internet speed.  The focus here is to make sure you have the power and data requirements on your office layouts.
  • The ability to expand the infrastructure to most SMEs can be critical as most like to maximise the available space. Note: Many managed offices will not allow any other contractors to make changes to rented offices other than the landlords themselves and this can incur significant charges and delays.
  • In ascertaining the access to the new office, we look at it purely from an IT infrastructure point of view:
  1. Will the server/data cabinets fit through the door?
  2. Will the ceiling be high enough?
  3. Have BT got enough copper lines present for the client’s move?
  4. Is there fibre present?
  5. Will it all fit in the new space?


Result:  We help ensure the client gets the IT support they expect from the relocation.

In one particular case, our engineer was able to assist BT in getting the fibre installed on the day by being available and being knowledgeable about the site.  They assisted by lifting the floor, accessing the correct floor boxes for the BT engineers thus avoiding delays.  In less than a month a lease line was installed.  This has the potential to allow the client to relocate a month early.

In summary: Many of our clients benefit from the above advice at no additional cost.  We aim to offer great support in all aspects of our business.  If you would like to discuss any projects with us please feel free to contact us.

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