How to stay active whilst working in an office

Stay active at work

Keeping Active in the Office

Working in an office makes it extremely difficult to stay active throughout your working day as for the majority of it, you are probably sitting down. Motivating yourself before working hours and after a long day can also be really hard, especially if you have had a mentally challenging day which has drained a lot of energy from you.

There are plenty of ways that can help you stay active whilst working in an office environment. First of all, take every stair possible; lifts are of course the easier option, but even just a few staircases throughout the day will help you to keep moving and keep your heart rate up. Whilst taking your lunch break, take time to go for a short walk. It may be more interesting for you to sit and check up on personal messages and scroll through social media, but you will feel a lot better for walking. It means getting space from the screen, and also getting some fresh air and time away from the office.

A great tip for motivating yourself is to sign up for some sports activity. Whether this be a 5km race, a marathon or even a sports club for a certain evening of the week. This means you have something to aim for, so getting in from work you will be able to push yourself to get outside and exercise. As a business owner, organising charity sports events is also a boost for your employees to stay more active. Signing up for a gym not too far from work is also a great idea, meaning you can go straight from work and don’t have a lot of time to convince yourself not to go! Tensing muscles whilst sitting in your chair is surprisingly another good tip to keep you active. Whether it be your ab muscles or buttocks – every little helps. Motivate each other in the office, keep the sugary snacks out of the communal areas and support one another with living an active lifestyle.

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