Managed Zero Trust Endpoint Protection

ThreatLocker® Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Platform offers a unified approach to protecting users, devices, and networks against the exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities.

Seamless Cybersecurity for Organizations of Any Industry

In an era where cybersecurity is non-negotiable, organizations require a robust and proactive defense mechanism to safeguard their sensitive data and digital assets. Instead of relying heavily on detection methods and chasing threats, ThreatLocker enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions block everything that is not explicitly trusted and allows organizations to use only what is needed.


Elevation Control


Storage Control

Network Control


Application Allowlisting, previously known as “Application Whitelisting,” works by a simple rule: if it’s not expressly permitted, it’s not allowed. This robust form of access control prevents untrusted software, including all types of malware and ransomware, from running. It’s a key part of endpoint security that ensures only specific, safe applications operate on your network.

How Does Application Allowlisting Work?

When the agent is first installed, it operates in Learning Mode. This phase involves cataloging every application and its dependencies currently on the system. It creates a list of these applications, forming the basis of your allowlist. Post Learning Mode, the IT admin reviews this list, removing non-essential apps to enhance security. Once secured, any executable file, script, or library not on the allowlist is automatically blocked. The user can request new software from the IT administrator, and it can be approved in 60 seconds.

Elevation Control

Elevation Control is a policy-based PAM solution that assists organizations in being secure but still efficient in their operations. Instead of granting users access to administrator logins, policies can be created to automatically grant higher privileges to applications. This allows the applications to access the necessary resources without giving users these desired credentials.

Elevation Control puts I.T. administrators in the driving seat, enabling them to control what applications can run as a local admin without giving users local admin rights.

Gives you the ability to approve specific applications to run as an administrator, even if the user is not a local administrator.

Users can request permission to elevate applications and attach files and notes to support their requests.

Enables you to set durations for how long users are allowed access to specific applications by granting temporary or permanent access.

Ringfencing™ ensures that users cannot jump to infiltrate connected applications within the network once an application is elevated.


Ringfencing™ controls what applications can do once they are running. Think of Ringfencing™ as a barrier and extra security measure that is actively containing software from stepping outside of its lane. By limiting what software can do, ThreatLocker® Ringfencing™ can reduce the likelihood of an exploit being successful or an attacker weaponizing legitimate tools such as PowerShell.

Ringfencing™ allows you to control how applications can interact with other applications. For example, while both Microsoft Word and PowerShell may be permitted, Ringfencing™ will stop Microsoft Word from being able to call PowerShell, thus preventing an attempted exploit of a vulnerability such as the Follina vulnerability from being successful.

Preventing Software Exploitation with Application Containment

Ringfencing™ was able to foil a number of attacks that were not stopped by traditional EDR. The 2020 SolarWinds Orion attack was foiled by Ringfencing™. See how Ringfencing™ allows you to remove file access permissions for applications that do not need access and even remove network or registry permissions.

Storage Control

Storage Control provides policy-driven control over storage devices, whether the storage device is a local folder, a network share, or external storage such as a USB drive. ThreatLocker® Storage Control allows granular policies to be set, which could be as simple as blocking USB drives, or as detailed as blocking access to your backup share, except when accessed by your backup application.

A full detailed audit of all file access on USB, network, and local hard drives is centrally accessible within minutes of a file being opened.

These policies allow or deny access to storage based on user, time, applications, and more.

A pop-up with the option to request access to the storage device.

USB policies allow access based on device serial number, vendor, and/ or file type.

Network Control

ThreatLocker® Network Control is a firewall for endpoints and servers that can be managed centrally. It provides complete control over network traffic, which helps to protect your devices. Custom-built policies are used to grant access to the network based on IP address, specific keywords, agent authentication, or dynamic ACLs. This network access security tool allows granular control over access to the network.

Why Network Control?

The local network is no more. Neither is the corporate firewall.

Users are not only working from the office but also remotely, meaning the network we utilize has quickly become the internet, leaving devices and data vulnerable to cyber threats. This dissolution of the business perimeter makes network access controls essential to protect your devices and, by extension, your data.

The ThreatLocker® network access control solution helps protect business assets whether employees are in the office or remote. ThreatLocker® Network Control provides a direct connection between the client and server, as opposed to a VPN that goes through a central point.

How Does Network Control Work?

ThreatLocker® network security tools help you manage firewall policies and port control for all devices from one place. Traditional firewalls rely on static ACLs to control access to network assets, requiring IT intervention to make changes. Employees who travel or change locations frequently need the IT department to adjust the firewall for each new location.

ThreatLocker® uses dynamic ACLs to adjust the firewall without user interaction. Create custom policies to open ports on demand for approved devices and users, no matter where they connect from.

Once an authorized device no longer uses the open port, it will automatically close within 5 minutes. Unapproved devices will not be able to connect to or have visibility of the open port.

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