New to IT? Don't forget the people who will use it

Every so often, businesses just like yours must upgrade equipment; there are many reasons for doing so. The most common is to keep up with new standards or to use new technology that can help the business excel. There is one element we tend to overlook when buying new computers or investing in brand new technology – the people who will use it.

It All Begins and Ends with Your Employees

Without people, there would be no business. We sell to people – even when selling to business, people are at the heart of the decision making. It is people who do the selling, the logistics and the basic functions of business.

It’s vital to engage and involve your employees every step of the way during a technology upgrade. Adequate forewarning about upcoming changes is a great first step and one that businesses should always strive to achieve. But there is another, bigger step to take too – and that’s training.

New Technology Can Be Daunting for Employees

This doesn’t just apply to those who aren’t particularly tech savvy; it can apply to anyone introduced to new tech for the first time – both new and long-standing employees alike. It means adapting to new ways of doing things as well as new devices. In some cases, it’s a steep learning curve to understand new technology while continuing to do their job efficiently.

Even employees who welcome change and look forward to it, need help. The technology itself is just one half of the equation; you should give equal consideration to training employees in using that new technology.

The Importance of Training

When managers at any level start talking about IT, it’s far too easy to fall into the trap of obsessing over processes and the technological buzzwords that go with it. It can be all for nothing without the right training:

  • Security refresher training will reduce the risk of cyberattacks, leading to such things as data breaches, data erasure and system shutdown.
  • Efficiency and productivity of the workflow as employees adjust to new ways of doing things.
  • Effectiveness at doing individual tasks, especially where the technology means a change of procedure.

With the right training to use new technology, your people can be your biggest asset in implementing it. On the flip side, without effective involvement and the right training, the people who make up your organisation can be your biggest liability through no fault of their own.

Remember, Technologies are Tools

Your employees are by far your biggest asset. Technology and devices are tools to help them do their jobs, and to help the business succeed in its goals. However, technology depreciates with time. The same is not true of your employees – they will only get better with more training and experience.

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