Microsoft’s Outlook for iPhone and iPad email app is a relaunch of the Acompli release last December. The new rebranded 1.0.2 version still supports Microsoft Exchange and Outlook mail accounts, but Google, iCloud, and Yahoo as well. A nice feature is how easily it hooks into your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box cloud storage. This enables you to save email attachments and send any file you have saved in your cloud storage. Being able to schedule a followup for any given email at the swipe of a finger, and your calendar is easy to access on the bottom menu.

outlook for iphone

Here’s a brief overview of the things you can now do:

  • Turn off grouping emails by conversation
  • Easily link your Dropbox/OneDrive/Box/Google Drive account from the files screen
  • Choose your default browser. eg install and select Chrome and links within emails will open in Chrome instead of the default Safari
  • Filter your view to only show unread, flagged or emails with attachments
  • Read through an email conversation in one long, easy to follow view.

Not only does Outlook support all these services and perform all these tasks, it does so exceptionally well. It may even replace Mail as the preferred email app for apple devices

Downside? You still can’t set your Out Of Office!