Microsoft Teams - Stay Productive!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an ideal solution with the UK now in lockdown, remote communication has become key to keeping people connected. Whether it be family, friends or work colleagues, there are numerous apps you can use to stay in contact.

Microsoft Teams is, in our opinion, one of the best ways to help you and your colleagues communicate and collaborate whilst working in isolation.  Some of you probably already use Teams, some are looking at implementing it and some of you are not so sure yet.

What is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s chat-based collaboration tool that will allow you and your colleagues to stay connected. Oh, and it also has GIFs.

The chat system incorporates Skype video, which means, as well as chatting you can video call and screen share with others.

The wonderful thing about Teams is that you can also work from it as it gives you the option to share apps and files with others.

Whilst there is a free option with Microsoft Teams, we recommend getting it as part of the Business Premium or E3 Office 365 packages as this allows you to enable Multi-Factor Authentication and various other security features to protect the conversations that you have and the files that you share.

For those of you using Teams already or thinking about using it

Microsoft have produced a series of bite-sized training videos to help you get the most from Teams.

They are grouped into convenient categories – please follow the links below to see each category:

In total the videos make up about 90 minutes of training – if you already use Teams or are just looking for something specific you can dip in and out of the 2-3 minutes videos instead.

If you need any help getting to grips with Teams, Office 365, or any other aspect of remote working please feel free to give us a call. But most importantly, if you can, stay home and save lives!

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