Technology as a Strategic Tool

Using Technology as a Strategic Tool in Your Business

Technology is now part of everyone’s day to day life and can undoubtedly make businesses run more efficiently and profitably.  As the world changes, it’s important that we change with it, to remain relevant and to take advantage of new possibilities and opportunities. There are countless companies that failed to keep up with the times: Kodak, Blockbuster, IBM to name a few, which are now either bankrupt or not where their company had the potential to be, all because they didn’t take advantage of the technology available.

We would like to think that the days of manual data entry, manual processes, and pure face-to-face communication and collaboration are over, but we know in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many small businesses all over the country are falling into the same traps and pitfalls.  Technology is used as a direct replacement for pen and paper, but the processes that drive the business have not changed.

Using Excel or Word to create quotes, and email to distribute them may feel like you are embracing technology, but the process of raising a quote, having the quote approved, and converting that quote into an invoice, a project, or a job sheet have not changed.  The data is entered manually and moved from system to system manually.

The same data is entered manually into several systems for quoting, job-management, and accounting and details are emailed to staff members.  This results in increased errors, and data being duplicated in multiple locations, often in multiple versions or data being missed entirely.

Does this sound familiar? It’s more common than you would think.

But we’ve got a fix for that.

No matter what industry you run your company in, there will be specialist software that you can run to bring your business to its fullest potential. When this technology is implemented well, it has the power to completely reshape your business, reduce the risk of duplicated work, save significant time, reduce errors, and provide better services to your clients.  Specialist software for your industry integrated with your email, online quoting tools, electronic signatures, instant messaging, video-calling, accounting software, and payment gateways can revolutionise the way you do business saving hundreds of hours a year.

But often, brilliant estate agents, engineers, builders, wholesalers, accountants, solicitors, and other small business owners that could benefit are either unaware that such solutions exist, or simply do not have the time to do anything about it themselves.

We are in the business of using technology to improve businesses.

Acting as your virtual IT Director, we research and understand how your business works, and we advise your management team how implementing the right technology for your business can help you become more profitable.  Our experienced consultants help you map your business processes, identify areas which could be improved, and select tools to make the improvements.   Our project engineers and support team make sure that the changes are implemented smoothly, and you remain well supported throughout the process.

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