Watch out for ransomware masquerading as Windows 10!

Ransomware in Windows 10

We all know that the scammers will try anything to get their hands on your money or your data! We also know that people as a rule are impatient, and with Windows 10 being released last week it was only a matter of time before someone tried to cash in. Enter the “Windows 10 download, CTB-Locker scam”

An email arrives in your inbox pretending to be from Microsoft telling you that they are ready to download Windows 10, with an attachment pretending to be a Windows 10 installer. Delete it! It is not from Microsoft and it is not a Windows 10 installer. It is a nasty piece of ransomware called CTB-Locker.

Look closely and you will see a few spelling mistakes or strange characters in the accompanying email, it is pretty convincing at first glance but won’t stand up to much close scrutiny.

Like its more famous cousin Cryptolocker, CTB-Locker will encrypt your files and charge you a ransom to get them back. First discovered by the Cisco security team, most security vendors will be developing signatures and countermeasures to protect you from CTB-Locker.

So as always the message is simple, be alert, be careful what you click on, and keep your own security and antivirus programs up to date.

If you have any concerns regarding the security of your own business information systems, please give one of our friendly consultants a call.

By |August 5th, 2015|