Our Ideal Client?

I get asked that question a lot. What industry? What size? What location?

The truth is there is no one demographic that describes our client base. It’s varied to the point of not being able to group any of them together.

ideal client

Engineering, recruitment, travel, manufacturing, accountancy, solicitors the list goes on.

The common denominator is the need and culture of the decision makers.

Our customers all need a strong IT champion to help guide them through the quagmire that is this ever changing industry.

The culture of “leaving it to the experts” is a big factor when a company outsources its IT support. So many companies try to do it themselves or let the guy who’s good at Excel do their IT; our clients know there is a better, more economical way.

They need to know that when they pick up the phone, send an email or engage in live chat with our Support Team, they will speak to someone that knows them personally and understands their setup enabling them to solve the majority of their issues on the first touch.

They need help with strategy, both short and long term often inviting us to speak with their board of directors to make sure everyone understands the options available.

They source all their IT needs through us; everything from hardware and cabling to software and cloud services. We make sure they have the perfect blend of services to maximise their investment, keep them safe and future proof their company.

They’re looking for a partner to help them grow and improve the way they use technology.

So if you’re more interested in running your company than troubleshooting why Helen in accounts can’t get into Sage or David in sales can’t print his proposal it might be worth having a chat with us.

If you’re a growing business and finding the technology you use is holding you back instead of propelling you forward we could help you change that.

If you’ve been thinking about employing a full time in house IT guy, we can show you a more cost effective way.

If you need to expand your existing internal IT team we are the perfect compliment to help bolster your team with our combined experience and knowledge – and the best part is, we never go on holiday or off sick.

As long as you appreciate first class customer service, heavily researched advice, the personal touch of knowing everyone in our team and being championed through all things IT, you are our ideal client :)