IT Managed Service Provider

Why you need an IT Managed Service Provider

What is your view on business IT? Is it an expensive, time laden burden that’s holding you back? Or a way to innovate and grow as it should be?  If it is the former, perhaps we should have a chat and find out why this is how you feel!


In-house IT

It’s never Lupus. Maintaining an in-house IT department for your business, keeping equipment up-to-date, patched and secure, supporting users’ daily needs, and still finding the time to provide valuable business intelligence is a hefty expense and can be overwhelming.

One engineer is rarely enough.  Either they are inexperienced, lacking the technical abilities to resolve some of your problems, and lacking the business experience to provide useful strategic support; or they will be overqualified, expensive, and reluctant to spend their time doing system admin tasks which is 90% of the work!

Even if you have a small team, they will need time off for holidays, sickness and various other issues. While they are entitled to this, it can cause issues for your IT capability.  What happens if you have a major server outage when your most experienced engineer is on holiday?  What happens when the only engineer who knows how your firewall works is off sick!?  What about when you have 25 new computers to install and your small team is stretched thin – who answers the phone when your users have problems?

So, you have people, and you need to manage them.  They need software to do their job.  Ticket logging system, remote access tools, computer management software, reporting tools; they need time for training, or they will fall behind.  And even after all that, you still may need external help for matters of security, compliance and certification like Cyber Essentials, IASME, or ISO27001.

By using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you can get the level of support you need when you need it; a consistent knowledge base, a guaranteed service level, and all the tools and experience you need to run your IT in one place, without having to provision and manage it yourself.


Let us be the experts

Your focus is on your business, IT should be an enabler.  IT should allow you to be more efficient, more effective, or provide more services than your competition.  Speed, reliability, business intelligence, automation, and security should allow you to be the best you can be – but does not need to be your main focus!  Let us do that for you.

Your employees are already trained to use the programs that they need to do their job – be that AutoCAD, QuickBooks, Photoshop, or something else.  The underlying systems should just work, without your teams needing to worry, or get involved.

When problems do happen, your MSP with its experts should be able to jump on your machines and fix your issue quickly. They should also be proactively monitoring your system for faults, so they might even know something is wrong before you do!

Having your MSP provide you with all your IT needs will undoubtedly free up a lot of time for your company. And with your MSPs IT experts your issues can be solved faster with their expert knowledge.


A full managed “stack”

Your business probably has lots of different technologies in order to be efficient and secure.  PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, servers, email services, spam filtering, antivirus, firewalls, backups, and more.  There are lots of suppliers for each of these, so how do you know which one to pick?

By letting your MSP provide you with their “stack” you won’t have to worry about where your packages are coming from and can focus on running your company as your MSP will be the one doing the leg work for you.

Fully managed services like backup, email, and security may include several services from several vendors.  They may send alerts to a central system and have specific procedures for monitoring them and resolving issues, but you don’t need to worry about these.

Brand-new strategy

If you are looking for an MSP give us a call. We can provide you with a solution based on your business needs that works for you.

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