Which Business Applications should I use

Choosing which applications will work for your business


No matter what type of company you run or job you do, from construction and finance to floristry and travel, chances are there is an application out there that will help you do it more effectively. So choosing the right application is extremely important.

Of course, you have the obvious ones that most people use like Office, QuickBooks and Sage, but these are the applications that help with the day-to day running of your business; they are not the applications you use to specifically do your job.

Here are a few examples of speciality software:

Connectwise – Our chosen tool

ConnectWise is popular with service companies, mainly in the IT sector, and is the tool we use to run our business.  It allows our clients and our engineers to log tickets to track support cases.  It allows us to process every stage of an order from start to finish; from your client accepting the order, the invoicing process, the products being bought and received, and finally shipping the order to the end user.  You can track the progress of projects, report on the efficiency of your helpdesk, monitor customer satisfaction, and manage your sales process. This tool allows us to provide great IT services to a wide range of clients without becoming bogged down in admin work.


For construction, architecture and product design, AutoCAD by Autodesk might be a great fit. It allows users to create and prepare plans, blueprints, and design entire buildings.  Floorplans and components can be modelled to your exact specification with astonishing precision in both 2D and 3D formats. It can be used across multiple platforms with web and mobile apps, meaning you don’t have to wait until you’re back in the office to update plans, you can do it while you’re on-site on a laptop or tablet.

A wide range of other speciality design and manufacturing suites exist for many different applications.


Invu’s document management software allows you to store your documents securely in any format, allows your users to search and retrieve documents with its indexing system, and its granular permissions systems makes sure people can only see the documents they have authorisation to use.

It is good for financial services, transportation or housing sectors where accurate and accessible information is essential and there tends to be a large amount of paperwork attached to each client record.

These are just a few examples; there are thousands of different software applications out there designed for specific industries and finding the right one for your company can seem difficult and confusing.  Taking the time to really understand your business needs and choosing a piece of software which suits your unique processes will pay dividends in efficiency and profitability in the future.

If you would like some advice about which applications may benefit your company, or if you need help installing, configuring, or migrating to a new application, why not give our experienced team a call on 0345 450 7876.

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