Anti-Virus and Malware, do I need it?

Being a business owner means you have a huge amount of documentation and files saved to your system. It also means that whilst your business is growing, so are your files; constantly and consistently.  The answer to the question of this article is a firm yes! In previous posts we have listed the potential scams and threats that could come through your system at any point and not having anti-virus means risking your business and making it easier for any hackers that may notice a loophole in your system. Anti-virus will run scans as often as you like – this could be daily or weekly, but make sure it is regular enough to keep your business as safe as possible. By running these scans, they pick up on any unusual activity running through the system and software and also solve any problems if they occur during the scans.

Thoroughly research anti-virus protection; by choosing the quickest and cheapest one you can find, normally means it won’t provide you with the high amount of security your business needs. By purchasing one that’s slightly more expensive with better reviews, tends to mean that this will be a lot more beneficial to you and your company.

Malware protection is also essential when owning a business; it’s a second vital layer of security protection for your business. As with anti-virus, you will need to do your research.  If you don’t have time as a business owner to research this yourself, there’s plenty of help around you in the office but also refer back to our previous post about having an onsite IT support system – they would be a huge help to you when it comes to security queries. They will be able to lead you in the right direction and have firm advice on what anti-virus to purchase.

Security is one of the biggest factors when it comes to owning an ever-growing business. You should always be on top of updates and scans for your system to avoid any of your documentation getting hacked and hit with bad viruses. Make sure that anti-virus is at the very top of your priority list when thinking about the main features to your business and company.

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