The 2020 Tech to look out for

Tech to look out for in 2020

Firstly, we wish all our customers and casual readers a very happy 2020!

We hope the upcoming year is a good one. It’s looking to be an interesting one as far as technology is concerned.; some highly anticipated advances are going to appear in the next year, and some well-known tech is going to disappear completely. It’s going to be an interesting year either way!


The End of Windows 7 Support

We kick the year off with Microsoft finally ending support for Windows 7 and its server platform 2008/r2 on January 14th. We’ve known for a while that this was coming, and it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. We’ve written several blogs about it ourselves!

If your home or business system still relies on either of these, not to worry! You can still use them, but no further patches or updates will be released, unless you take out Microsoft extended support, which is set to get more expensive year on year, as they push for a complete Windows 7 wipe out. Windows 10 will be the standard going forward, so now is a good time to upgrade.

AMD Ryzen Processor 2020

AMD has long been a major player in the tech market, releasing some of the best-known and best-performing Intel competitors. While they do tend to slip under the radar, 2020 is set to be a big year for AMD. Based on the Zen 2 architecture rather than any newly anticipated chipset. It will be used across the board – from budget to high end laptops with most in the mid-range. Tests show a significant performance improvement so it’s worth the upgrade.


The OLED TV Market Expands

Since the arrival of HD television, the manufacturers have pushed the boundaries of what the world’s most popular entertainment medium can do. People want crisper, clearer colours and more energy-conscience systems.  Now, there is OLED TV. Some models became available in 2019, but the real uptake begins in 2020. OLED (organic LED) TVs provide images of superior quality, not just high definition, but colour and motion too. Most major brands developing OLED models LG, Sony and Panasonic expect to release models in 2020.


5G Mobile Network

This is the next generation of mobile networks and it will roll out across the UK in 2020. It will be much faster than 3G and 4G, with greater reliability and a higher capacity. 5G represents not just an upgrade, but a wholesale change to how networks function. It’s not a single standard, but a general approach using multiple and diverse technology to deliver connectivity. It’s also the first to be considered a framework for future upgrades.

Autonomous Driving

It seems years since this idea was first presented to the public. The truth is, it’s not been that long. Also known as “self-driving vehicles” 2020 is possibly the year it moves beyond the development phase and moves to real testing. You are likely to see some real-word experiments in 2020. The media recently proclaimed that some 10 million driverless vehicles will hit the streets by the end of the year though the industry has urged caution on these figures.


2020 is definitely a year to keep an eye on technology wise, with a lot of new tech hitting the market setting a precedent for the decade ahead and the changing times.

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